Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A day in the life of a wired parent

Check emails on Ipad while daughter hypnotized by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes on the Starhub Digital Video Recorder. Checking for confirmation of electronic passport renewal application. While doing that, also check the status online of children's long term visit pass applications.

Done with to do list for the day. Now to continue jobhunt. Open LinkedIn account on Ipad and browse through new connections. Email headhunters and send out some resumes as well.

Need a short break before lunch. Open zinio on Ipad and choose from among several magazine subscriptions to read. Current number of subscriptions: 19.

Order groceries online from coldstorage.com.sg. We live beside a market and near a 24-hour NTUC grocery but still order online for bulky items like rice, bottled water for the baby's formula, toilet paper etc.

Off to Orchard Road to do a bit of window shopping with the kids. Check bus arrival using SG NextBus on iphone. Bus 124 arriving in 10 mins. Time to start walking to bus stop. It's a slower walk when you have a 12 kg 'monkey' strapped to your hip.

Walking along Paragon. Take a quick photo of the kids using Instagram on iphone. Choose from the different filters. Do I want the picture to look vintagey? overexposed? or do I want the colors to pop out? I go with vintage and store the pic to show to their father later.

Taxi cab line at Paragon agonizingly long as usual. Use Taxi Booking on iphone. Cab confirmation arrives within a minute. The cab itself, in five minutes.

Do a bit of online banking. Check whether supplier has already paid my invoice for reporting services. Aside from funds transfer, we also pay rent and credit card bills online. Meanwhile, our utilities are enrolled in an automated payment processing system called GIRO so those bills get paid without us even thinking about them.

Check ebay and/or craigslist on iphone. Looking for a playmat / foam mat. Daughter already practicing for the Olympics. Need to avoid the inevitable 'ouchies'. Still kicking myself for being on the fence about the Skip Hop foam mat I saw last week on craigslist. Of course it sold immediately. Should've pounced on that.

Challenge husband to WordFeud on iphone. It's like knocking my head against the wall. I never win. But maybe this time I'll reach 300 points. Or maybe I can close the gap down to 50. He's ruining my stats. Why do I keep playing with him?

I switch my iphone for my Ipad and I watch the Suze Orman episode I downloaded from itunes earlier. It's 30 minutes of Suze smackdown. Suze berating couples for not handling their money well, getting into debt and spending like there's no tomorrow. What I like about this show is that it's not about money per se but about people's emotional issues reflected in their money woes.

I fall asleep as Suze ends her show with the words...people first then money then things, now you stay safe.

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  1. I used to ask my wife for years "Do you want an iPhone?" and she'd always say "No, I need a phone with physical keyboard!"

    And when she finally gave in, this is what I hear now "Why is everybody not using iPhone?" :()

    Now, challenge me on Wordfeud again! And I mean Challenge! :)

    Anniversary dinner tonight! See you at Vine's.