Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Day of School

We found a lovely Montessori right near our apartment and enrolled Lexi for Term 3 which started today. We've been so excited waiting for school to start. Every night she would pass by the school on her after-dinner walks with Dada and she would point the school door out to him and try to peer inside. We tried to get her to sleep early last night but it was a bit difficult and she took awhile to get to sleep. In any case, the whole household woke up early and we trudged off to school together, even her baby sister Adi came along to see her off. The principal was at the door welcoming the students back and it was such a comforting feeling to see the principal there, she's so warm and friendly. She invited us parents inside and told us we could stay with Lexi for awhile, but we thought it might be better to let Lexi acclimatize to school on her own, so we left after a couple of minutes. Here are photos of Lexi on her first day.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

ELC Going, Going, Gone!

I had an inkling that the ELC sale would be a big one and that I should have gone on the first day. Turns out I was right. When I received my mailer via yahoo, the sender was Forum The Shopping Mall, so I thought it was only limited to that branch. As it happens, the sale was occurring in all ELC branches - including the ones at Paragon and United Square. In any case, by the time I went to the Forum branch, it was pretty slim pickings. I browsed and thought - where are all the stuff? I usually window shop at ELC in Paragon and there were usually tons of things I wanted to buy but the prices were so expensive. At ELC Forum, most of the stuff I wanted was gone. There were a few science and discovery kits and the arts and crafts stuff that I managed to get but I wondered whether I would have gotten a better selection at the other branches. However, when I overheard the cashier talking to some customers about how stocks were getting sold out and they had to replenish more than once, I thought darn, no use going to the other branches then. In any case, I'm still quite happy with my ELC loot. Here's some of the stuff I got....

Note all sticker prices are before discount so most of the items I got were SGD11 each. Quite a good deal. Anyway, the last day of the sale happens tomorrow. There's still some build-it kits, toy cars, pretend play sets and games. There's even face paint sets priced to clear- originally at 19.90 now going for 2.00!

Everything's 50% off and additional 5% off for DBS cardholders.

Friday, June 8, 2012

ELC Sale

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Changi City Point Playground

Another one of Singapore's wonderful wet playgrounds, this one's at Changi City Point at Level 2 beside Koufu Food Court. This one's a bit bigger than the Tampines wet playground and had the usual water features such as a wading area, some water fountains, a water jet area that you can run through and it would spray mist from all sides and water guns for the older kids.

Lexi had a great time jumping up and down, walking around and just submerging herself in the wading pool. 

She also tried to make friends, that's her in one of the pictures below, offering up some dried leaves as a nice-to-meet-you gesture to her new playground friend.

And this is Lexi running back and forth through the water jets.

Another great place to go if you have young kids. Makes me wish there were wet playgrounds near central Singapore but hey, it's still just a bus + train ride away so definitely worth another visit.