Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Day of School

We found a lovely Montessori right near our apartment and enrolled Lexi for Term 3 which started today. We've been so excited waiting for school to start. Every night she would pass by the school on her after-dinner walks with Dada and she would point the school door out to him and try to peer inside. We tried to get her to sleep early last night but it was a bit difficult and she took awhile to get to sleep. In any case, the whole household woke up early and we trudged off to school together, even her baby sister Adi came along to see her off. The principal was at the door welcoming the students back and it was such a comforting feeling to see the principal there, she's so warm and friendly. She invited us parents inside and told us we could stay with Lexi for awhile, but we thought it might be better to let Lexi acclimatize to school on her own, so we left after a couple of minutes. Here are photos of Lexi on her first day.


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  1. Lexi is so cute in her uniform. Congrats my dear little girl. Mwuah!!!