Sunday, June 3, 2012

Changi City Point Playground

Another one of Singapore's wonderful wet playgrounds, this one's at Changi City Point at Level 2 beside Koufu Food Court. This one's a bit bigger than the Tampines wet playground and had the usual water features such as a wading area, some water fountains, a water jet area that you can run through and it would spray mist from all sides and water guns for the older kids.

Lexi had a great time jumping up and down, walking around and just submerging herself in the wading pool. 

She also tried to make friends, that's her in one of the pictures below, offering up some dried leaves as a nice-to-meet-you gesture to her new playground friend.

And this is Lexi running back and forth through the water jets.

Another great place to go if you have young kids. Makes me wish there were wet playgrounds near central Singapore but hey, it's still just a bus + train ride away so definitely worth another visit.

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