Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sea-sta Day 2012

My husband has been with his company for the longest time but has never gone to Family Day until now.
I told him we should go this year. I thought it would be a fun activity for the brood plus it would be at Siloso Beach in Sentosa and if we got bored we could always just go to the beach.

Well, we did spend some time at the beach, but went back to the main pavilion in time to see a very entertaining magic show from a British magician called John who ate fire, did a bit where he kept on throwing balls into his hat and it would come out the other side, the usual tricks with disappearing items, and a man in ball (or balloon) bit (haven't seen that one before).

After that there were some games that required participants to act out scenes from a reworked script of Transformers and to dance to Michael Jackson and Bollywood songs which turned out really funny thanks to some side comments from the emcee who I'm sure had a side job as a stand-up comedian.

The emcee was so funny that he was even able to make the lucky draw exciting. At one point while announcing the top prizes for the lucky draws, he was toying with the crowd a bit and mentioned a specific number and a guy started running to the podium thinking he had won and the emcee told him 'No, sorry, that's not the winning number, I was just asking who had that number - actually the winning number is....' It's a bit mean but also a bit funny.      

It was actually quite a great morning and I'm looking forward to Family Day next year.

 Andi at the beach

 Lexi sitting still long enough to get her face painted, while I wait for my turn.
We get matching butterflies on our cheeks.

Lexi and Dada watching the games 

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