Saturday, October 6, 2012

What the Future Looks Like

I can't believe we're getting at that stage where we're talking about what preschools our children should be getting into and what property we should be investing in. Anyway, talking about investing in property, we attended an Ayala Land roadshow some years back and they were talking about this wonderful new development south of Metro Manila called Nuvali. Yes, it sounds a bit far, it is outside Metro Manila, but for someone who's always lived an hour/an hour and a half away from the city anyway, it's actually not that bad. And though the thought of paying toll fees just to get to the city seemed like money going down the drain to me, when they started talking about the plans for this place in terms of being eco-friendly and sustainable it just seemed so ideal, so forward-thinking that we bought into it straight away.

The particular development we bought into was called Venare and its unique selling point was Active Living - it would be situated near the Republic Wakepark (which is now fully operational, by the way), a bird sanctuary and there would be running and biking trails around the vicinity. Apart from that, it boasted a ton of amenities and facilities - 5 so-called amenity zones focusing on different multi-active experiences for the whole family.

Aqua Zone which would have free form pools, lounge pool, leisure and lap pools, kiddie pools and wet play area.

E-Zone which would have a Library and Board Room, Game Room, Outdoor Theatre, Children's activity area and Teens' activity area

Green Zone which is at the lowest point elevation within the village and would include a picnic & camping grove, mountain bike & hiking trails, botanical park, detention pond with boardwalk & footbridge, bonfire and BBQ pit area, terraced garden, organic farm, greenhouse and plant nursery

Go Zone which has covered play courts (basketball, badminton, volley ball, table tennis), outdoor play field (foot ball, frisbee, ball kicking, dodge ball), jogging path

Me Zone situated at the highest elevation point within the village and would have meditation grove and viewing pavilion, gym & outdoor exercise area, rock garden

Here are photos of Venare in the early stages of construction:


  Venare in August 2010 (all photos courtesy of leechtat from

And here are the more recent development pictures from as of August 2012

Things are taking shape and it looks really big and really nice. We won't be settling down in Venare in the near future but it's wonderful to think that this is what our future will look like...mountain views, rolling hills, healthy outdoor living, camping/BBQing maybe wakeboarding and even sailing (Taal Lake is 30 minutes away from this place).

If you're interested in Venare or other Nuvali developments, you can check out or You can also check out the discussion in skyscrapercity or read an actual Nuvali resident's blog at


  1. This looks so nice. May we use your photos for our website news section? We shall link them back to you. Thanks.


  2. Thank you for your comment. The photos are not mine they're from other sources, you can check the photo credits but the article is mine and you can use if you want.