Saturday, February 23, 2013

Site Inspection Woes

We finished our second site inspection today and it was such a relief to finally be near completion of the sale. We had an earlier site inspection last week at which we thought the owners would have vacated the apartment. So it was a bit of a shock to see the apartment still had stuff in it. In any case, it was a nail biter of a week as we tried to check with our lawyer on what to do in case the owners still hadn't moved their stuff in time for the second HDB appointment. I'm just glad everything worked out in the end and we're excited about finally getting to start on the renovation soon. In any case, here's how the empty apartment looks now.

When we were viewing the apartment prior to sale, one of the rooms had a ton of computer parts on the floor. We didn't realize it was covering damaged flooring. Whether that was intentional or not, we'll never know, but  practically speaking even if we had to replace the parquet flooring, the costs aren't that bad so it's still okay.

 Here's a closer view of the damage - which looks like some kind of water damage.

Here's another room which we're assigning as the kids' room. It's the biggest room in the apartment.

Here's the room with the most light which we'll turn into the main bedroom

Extended living room area which will be perfect for the kids' play space

 A view of the community

Another view from the living room

The kitchen

The kitchen view from the dining room/living room

We'll be getting the keys from the lawyer and the 3D designs from the interior designer next week. We're getting closer and closer to our new home. More updates to come. 

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