Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fab new find: Magnetic playbooks

You know that feeling you get when you know you've done something right as a parent? Chosen that after-school class or extracurricular activity your kid just absolutely loves, bought that toy on a whim which in turn becomes her most favorite or found a new way to spice up story book time. I've experience that over the weekend when I found these super magnetic playbooks. 

First off, let me say that as a parent, I've been actively promoting my child's love of books, and I feel I've been pretty successful. But the challenge for me has always been finding new books for her to immerse herself in. I try not to introduce individual stories or books but try to find authors or a book series that she can like so when she does get interested in something, I can just go out and buy more of the same, at least until she's ready for something different. So far, I've found and introduced her to Jamie Lee Curtis, Eric Hill and the Spot book series, Karen Katz, and Dora the Explorer. 

She's currently in her Dora phase right now and we have about 20 books at home right now. My husband has forbidden me to buy more and I also think it's time for something different. Just in time, I found these fairy tale classics at the mall recently and they're illustrated very well, retold in a slightly more politically-correct way and now more interactive. Each book is hardbound and magnetic. As you read it with your child   there are questions/instructions at the bottom of the page and your child is supposed to respond by putting the accompanying picture magnets in selected scenes within the book. My daughter loves it!  

A slightly modern retelling of classic fairy tales 

Beautiful illustrations and you can put magnets on each scene

We have 4 books (these were the only ones available at the time)

And you can store the magnets afterwards so you can read and play with them again and again

Unfortunately, I bought these in one of those roving bookstore set-ups at the mall so I can't mention a physical bookstore for you to go to, but if you do chance upon this, buy them up and buy as many titles as you can. Guaranteed that kids will love this. 

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