Friday, June 7, 2013

What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong

Well it was time to move and though we dreaded the packing and subsequent unpacking of boxes, the discovering you have too many stuff and too little storage, and the adjusting to new spaces and new routes -we were thrilled we were finally moving to a space we could really fix up and call home. Unfortunately, since we were moving to a new house there were a lot of kinks.

- The contractor couldn't get their people to drill our IKEA-bought curtain rods and so we moved to the new house, without curtain rods and curtains. I initially checked for quotes on getting everything done with a place that specializes in curtains but almost fell off my chair when they quoted me SGD1,000 for 3 sets of curtains. So I trooped off to IKEA for aforementioned curtain rods and starter curtains which were SGD20 a set, had them fixed to proper length for SGD16 a set which is also expensive but still way cheaper than customized curtains. Problem fixed, curtains up next Monday.    

- The contractor somehow designed the kitchen cabinets so that they partially concealed the gas point, which we only realized when City Gas came to turn on the gas. It took 3 online appointment requests, 3 visits from City Gas, 1 visit from the carpenter, countless hours spent calling the City Gas hotline (which I am sure is a hoax since I've never been able to talk to a City Gas Officer directly through their contact numbers) and 7 days exactly before we could get the gas turned on. I was so desperate to get the gas turned on that when I finally got the carpenter to saw off a part of the kitchen cabinets I started madly calling City Gas and realized the only way to contact City Gas was if you requested an online appointment (they would then call you to confirm the appointment). The moment I got hold of a City Gas Officer, which was the next day, I mentally tried to figure out whether to berate them or just beg for an appointment - I ended up doing the latter and I thankfully got my appointment and my gas turned on. Goodbye hawker food. Though the porridge was the best and some of the other items tasty, nothing could compare to home cooked food.

- The kitchen backsplash isn't finished and so is the bathroom mirror, which makes me think there's something wrong with the mirror place our contractor coordinated with.

- The room and kitchen lights seem faulty and flicker a little before turning on. In fact, technically, our bedroom light is broken. Will have to get that fixed.

As with all problems though they eventually get fixed and now 1 week after moving we are slowly settling into the new place and loving it to bits.



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