Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs!

We were choosing between two dinosaur exhibits, the one at Science Centre or the one at Marina Bay Sands. I figured the ones here which are animatronic would be more child-friendly than the ones at Marina Bay Sands which are more authentic but probably less fun. Good choice. The dinosaur at the entrance alone was awe-worthy.
The animatronic dinosaur at the entrance of Science Centre. It was huuuge!

Another cool-looking dinosaur at the entrance.
Dino-heads as signage to the exhibit
Posing for pics in front of a dinosaur head
Kids are amazed at the dinosaur fossils

Dino mommy with her babies - all animatronic 

A row of triceratops heads

Fossil digging time!
Goofing around
There were interesting sculptures just outside Science Centre, like this Transformer-esque one near the garden area.
It was a cool exhibit, interesting enough even for my 2.5 year old, at one point we came to another huge and scary dinosaur inside the exhibit and my kids kept running to and from the dinosaur pretending to be scared. Not a lot of people even on a Saturday so quite enjoyable just strolling through. I would recommend for a nice, leisurely afternoon activity and afterwards, you can take the kids for a splash at the water playground - just bring swimsuits.


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