Thursday, April 5, 2012

At home Easter Sunday activities

I've been surfing the Internet in the past few weeks for things to do with the family for Easter Sunday. Here in Singapore, Easter Sunday is quite a big celebration, with most hotels offering up buffets and having special activities for kids like Easter egg decorating, face painting, balloon sculpting and magic shows. However, the cost for such celebrations tends to be steep with the price ranging from SGD50 to 150 per head (buffet usually free or slightly cheaper for kids). The cheapest option I found was Easter Sunday High Tea at Pantry at the Stables which offers SGD40 for 2 adults and SGD22 for each child. This would cover High Tea as well as participation in the Easter Egg hunt, face painting and take-home goodie bags. However, as my hubby pointed out, my 2 year old daughter might not fully enjoy the Easter egg hunt. And so, I was tasked with thinking up at home Easter Sunday activities for our daughter instead.

So of course, I decided on face painting, easter egg decorating and a mini-easter egg hunt.

I'll post about the easter egg decorating and the mini-easter egg hunt after Easter Sunday, so for now, I'll just talk about our face painting efforts.

Now I'm no face painter but given that I've been helping my daughter with her art activities I'm thinking how hard can it be? So I went out to look for face paint supplies at children's toy stores. 

I was choosing between Snazaroo, Giotto and Micador face paints and eventually bought the Micador face paint set seen above. It was a basic set, quite affordable (SGD15.90) and easy to apply (no need to use sponges). 

At first, my daughter wouldn't let me draw on her face, but as my husband pointed out, she just needed to be curious about it and needed to see it being done on someone first.

Here's what I drew on hubby's face.

And though my daughter eventually relented and allowed me to paint on her face. She would stay still only long enough for this.

I'm excited about this. Will probably have to look for more face painting designs on the internet. But looking forward to face painting fun.

As for our easter egg decorating efforts and our mini-easter egg hunt, I already have the recipe for making easter eggs, now just have to decide whether to buy small chocolate eggs or big chocolate bunnies or just buy one big plastic egg (ala Swedish PASKAGG which is a big paper egg filled with chocolates and candies). Stay tuned.

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