Thursday, September 27, 2012

A New Play Experience!!!

Like any other working mother out there, my cup runneth over from time to time with mommy guilt over not spending enough time with the kids and so I tend to compensate by going online shopping for new books to read at bedtime or buying more clothes for my budding fashionista (who is now obsessed with wearing only clothes with hearts on them) or by filling up our weekend calendar with various family friendly activities.

This is how I ended up paying SGD18 for each child (good for two hours play) to play in an indoor playground when there are tons of free outdoor playgrounds in Singapore.

In any case, I was intrigued by the SingKids PlaySystem and so I wanted the kids to try it out and not necessarily because I was wowed by the description of the playground on the company's website, which by the way I feel was quite liberal in their use of exclamation points. There should be a law against that! 

SingKids PlaySystem is unique and a brand new concept in indoor playgrounds! It's innovative and imaginative! Be wowed by bright and colorful soft play equipment and toys! Clean and safe, it's an exciting environment for the whole family! It's truly interactive play for kids and parents, not just parents sitting and watching their children!

SingKids® PlaySystem is stimulating and entertaining! Did we mention that it's fun? And a big bonus! It's open everyday so kids can play rain or shine, but we do require socks!

In any case, kids are fairly easy to please, I say throw some balloons around, have a couple of slides and climbing and jumping equipment and they're all set. Here's proof:

Lexi unsure which balloon to chase in the balloon enclosure 

 Trying to jump in this weird-looking fluorescent lit soft trampoline

Finding a nice place to sit

Going around this spinning contraption

Andi successfully not stabbing a bear with her chin 

 In the colorful ball pit, where Andi kept trying to sneak out balls. A little child saw her doing it and tried to grab it from her and bring it back to the pit but Andi successfully hypnotized one of the parents to bring the ball back to her. In fact, technically there's no shouting inside the playground but the attendants seemed to have gone deaf in her case and could not hear her screaming. This little girl has powers, I tell you.

Yay, Lexi looks like she's having fun!...but actually no, this was the look of alarm as she realized how unwieldy this ball seat was as she scrambled to stay on it, and fell after 5 seconds.

And so the kids had fun, mommy assuaged her guilt and all is well until mommy does overtime again and the cycle continues all over again.

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