Saturday, September 15, 2012

Andi's 1st Birthday

My little terror's munchkin's 1st birthday was coming up and I was debating whether to bring the family to eat out in one of Singapore's many brunch, lunch or dinner buffets but then realized it would be much cheaper, er, I mean, meaningful to spend it with both family and friends, and so I dutifully went off to buy themed party ware because who else would support the children's party decor industry but parents like me who were willing to spend moolah on utterly impractical things such as themed napkins and blowouts (no, it's not a hair thing, but something fun for the kids). 

We went to Gift Greetings in Great World City which has an extensive selection of stuff for kids, including aforementioned themed party ware. In fact, I was so entranced with the choices it took me an hour to decide on the theme. Do I want to go the usual cartoon route and pick a favorite like Mickey Mouse or Dora?Or something sweet and saccharine like Fairy Princess? Or something a bit rebellious like Pirates? Ugh. Decisions, decisions. And my husband refused to discuss the merits of each theme with me. So we ended up doing Ladybugs, which I thought was adorable and cute. It's also one of the themes with the most complete set of accessories. And so I ended up buying tons of impractical things. And since my husband was with me I automatically deducted a percentage of the final bill when he asked me how much it all was.

But it all looked great. Anyway, here are pictures of the day itself.

Andi on the morning of her birthday. And yes, she only has two teeth and darn proud of them!

On top of all the themed decor, I couldn't resist buying Ladybug muffin cases. So here's our craft project: Muffin case party banners. A 50pc set costs SGD2.75 at NTUC.

The BBQ Pit decorated with fancy hanging Ladybug decor (middle), party banners (side) and big paper lanterns which though not Ladybug themed had the same color scheme as all the other decor (red, black and white). There is such a thing as overboard so we didn't want everything to be too matchy-matchy.

Another view of the BBQ Pit area 

'What is this party hat doing on my head? Must try to take off and maybe eat'.                                            And by the way, she did try to do that which isn't surprising since she also tried to eat a blowout, a paper cup...and well, let's just say the list of inedible things she tried to eat was quite long.

Ah, so that's what a blowout looks like! And even though there were only 3 kids at the party vs. 8 blowouts, that number is just right since those blowouts were not particularly sturdy. But boy do they serve their purpose well - which is to keep your kids focused on blowing and less screaming/shouting/talking. 

 The spread was a mix of party favorites and Filipino food: the regular standby of sweet Filipino-style spaghetti with cut-up hotdogs and tons of cheese, rice and menudo (saucy pork dish with liver, potatoes and carrots, bell peppers and raisins), fried chicken, grilled pork and grilled fish.

Ladybug plates and paper cups. I badly wanted to buy Ladybug-themed tablecloth as well but was worried people wouldn't see the other Ladybug-themed items on the table - so we just bought a red checkered tablecloth at NTUC for less than SGD2. 

Lexi attempting to redesign her shirt with lovely spaghetti stains.

The gang

 I actually told my husband we should skip buying the requisite cake since someone was bound to bring cake, and I was right. Here's Lexi trying to cut the luscious Red Velvet Cake from Cedele. And no, he didn't listen to me so we actually had a spare cake which isn't such a bad thing. 

Andi's gifts

The birthday girl in one of her many costume changes trying to play with her new toys

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