Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our First Parent-Teacher Conference

Today was our first parent-teacher conference. My husband and I were so excited, both of us showed up for the meeting...on the first slot and on the first day of the sessions.

We met up with our daughter's teachers who took us through her evaluation forms which were nicely written up in a portfolio binder alongside samples of her schoolwork. Very formal proceedings actually for pre-school. Yes, she's not quite 3 years old and she's already being evaluated on her work. A sign of things to come.

Well in any case, it was good to align with her teachers on her progress in terms of phonics and counting. We also knew she was making good progress learning music and movement because she kept practicing all her nursery rhymes at home and she suddenly made the switch from Dora to Hi-5. Now even her father and I know a couple of Hi-5 songs ourselves ('Oh what a surprise, you open up my eyes, you really are amaaazing, you are amaaaazing ta ta ta'). Although I still prefer watching Princess Holly and the Bubble Guppies.

We also noticed she was quite good now at zipping up and buttoning her own clothes, which we actually found out was covered in her care of self classes in school. One or two surprises though -like we didn't realize she was already doing fine motor movement skills like tracing numbers and doing coloring (reminder to self to buy coloring books). And she was also already doing puzzles. And here I was thinking, maybe I'll wait until after her third birthday before we go that route. She also started asking 'Can I, can I...' before doing anything at home, even though she was already doing whatever it is she wants to do, like watch TV.

All in all, quite a good session. We're very happy with her progress, her teachers are great and she seems to love school. I hope all parent-teacher conferences are as easy as this.

Lexi's School Portfolio

Lexi's evaluation forms

More evaluation forms

Samples of her coloring work

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