Sunday, November 4, 2012


After our recent parent-teacher conference, we realized our daughter was already doing puzzles, and so I thought we'd buy some so she could practice at home. We went to prologue at ION and guess what? They're having an anniversary sale from Nov 2-18. So we brought home a ton of great puzzles from my favorite section at Prologue in ION (the Chinese section) and some pre-school workbooks. I was more excited than Lexi to tear open the puzzles, but when she got them open she just went through them all in a heartbeat. And to think I was thinking maybe we went overboard for buying 4 sets in one go. Apparently not. Children are sponges and we as parents are really just here to help them develop and be the best they can be and be prepared for a fun, fun ride along the way.

Baby puzzles for 3-4 year olds. 5 puzzles in each box. Each puzzle comes in 6-10 pieces. Original price SGD5.90. Discounted price SGD4.50. Different themes available but we took animals, fruits and vehicles.
Fruit puzzles
Young Children's Jigsaw Puzzles. 8 puzzles in each box. Original price SGD9.90. Discounted price SGD7.50. Different themes available but we only took the Home theme. The others were a little bit cutesy.

Home sweet home puzzle
Wipe clean pre-school workbooks for practicing tracing numbers and letters. Original price SGD17. Discounted price SGD13.  

Sample sheet from the letters workbook

A backpack of Dora books. 6 books inside the backpack. Original price SGD19. Discounted price SGD14.

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