Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oh the joy of having kids

I was on leave from work recently and spent the past few days spending time with the kids. Here's how our week was like.  

Friday: My husband and I went to our first school year-end activity where the kids put on a show for the parents and afterwards got to play in this giant play structure at Explorer Kid in Pasir Ris. The kids went mad running around the tunnels, going up and down the slides and jumping into ball pits. You don't know what 'tired' means until you've chased, climbed and crawled after a child and then been almost run down by a bunch of rugrats in a play tunnel. Or at least that's what my husband told me on the way home.

After our fun-filled energetic morning, we decided to slow it down and brought our daughter to the doctor and went home by bus. It was the first time I realized the reason why I don't see a lot of toddlers in buses is because their parents wisely decided early on that taxis are a much less embarassing mode of transport. That's what I kept thinking as my almost-3-year-old daughter decided to show off her skills by singing 'Willy, Tuck and Ming-ming too...' really loudly and over and over and over again. It's not as if I could just plonk her on a seat away from me. My husband already did that. Good thing I learned a thing or two from Cesar Millan. Wait, what? What could I possibly learn from the Dog Whisperer. It's all about distraction. Must Distract Child...which is how I ended up running commentary on the rain, the trees, oh look shrubbery and leaves... from Orchard Road to Whampoa Drive.     

Saturday: Went to a trial Gymboree class for my younger daughter. Guilt was starting to set in. When my older daughter turned one, we went crazy shopping around for classes and trying out My Little Gym, Kindermusik and Gymboree before signing up for a full package at the latter. Meanwhile my younger daughter was already 14 months and we still haven't signed her up for anything. Have to catch up. Gymboree this week, Our Music Studio next week!   

Monday: Went to Paragon playground with the kids, where the younger daughter got into a shoving match with another baby - twice! And a boy at that. Maybe he thought she was a boy too. Anyway, don't let that sweet, innocent, can't-possibly-do-no-wrong look fool you. This baby can defend herself. Maybe we should sign her up for judo instead of music lessons.

Tuesday: Went back to Paragon playground again. Already instructed nanny on what to do in case the baby gets into a fight again. Nanny: You want me to take a video of your daughter getting into a fight?!? Me: Well, maybe just sneak a quick one before you stop the fight. Okay fine fine. Don't take a video, jeez. Maybe just a picture? Okay, no, I'm kidding. Actually, I'm not. No, just kidding.

And so our play-filled couple of days ends and it's back to work. But the weekend's just around the corner and more baby and toddler adventures await. Though this time we're taking taxis.

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