Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nuvali Lot Turnover

We flew in from Singapore last Saturday and was amazed at the lack of traffic. My husband told me not to comment on it out loud or else we'll jinx it. Our good run lasted until Tuesday and by Wednesday everything went back to the familiar, curse-arousing snail's pace we've come to know and perpetually hate. Case in point, we left Navotas a little past 11 and we arrived at the Venare clubhouse at exactly 2pm. 3 hours! In any case, we were happy to finally see where our hard-earned money went to. And though it would have been nice to have been able to use the pool (no, they're not yet operational) our daughter still had fun exploring the area while we sat down and went through the turnover process. Now all we have to wait for is the actual lot title.

Here are pictures of the site in case you're wondering what Venare looks like.

Our cornet lot. Venare is on rolling terrain so our lot is slightly elevated.

Main Clubhouse at Venare

Reception area with brand new still-in-plastic-covering furniture

Three of the four pool areas

 Clubhouse driveway

 The Venare Welcome Pack and complimentary wine. The four booklets pictured include: Construction Guidelines, Pattern Book, Village Rules and Amenities Rules.

 Lexi playing with mommy's bag

 The lovely mural at the kids' playroom

Lots of greenery

Requisite fish feeding at the koi pond at Solenad


  1. This looks so nice. May we use your photos for our website news section? We shall link them back to you. Thanks.


  2. Hello. Thank you for your comment. Sure you can use the photos just note source please thanks.

  3. Wow! Thanks for the info! Nuvali is the countrys first and largest thriving eco-city development near Manila.

  4. I love koi fish. Do you know how to get there? I'm from Quezon City