Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gone Fishing

On our trip to Manila, my father arranged for us to go fishing in his friend's fish pen in Malabon recently. Though we almost had collective heart attacks as we thought our van would go straight into the water since the road going to the fish pens was rough road and unbelievably narrow, we eventually made it there alive and lived to tell the tale and though we caught very few fish, it was still a great bonding experience especially for the kids. Although they did fight over who gets to feed the fish, who gets to hold the fishing rods and pretty much everything else. Still, fun times.  

Canoe near the shore 

Enclosed area of the fishpen 

 Rickety bamboo bridge leading to makeshift feeding area

 Slightly later in the day, with birds on the horizon

 Lexi under a banana tree

 Lexi and her cousins on the bamboo bridge. New words for the day: bamboo and mud puddle

The cousins on a bigger canoe

Lexi on the bamboo bridge again

 Andi trying to fish, but sadly no catch for the baby that day

Lexi guarding the haul of 3 fishes, though she later on wanted to throw the fishes back into the pond

Lexi looking out over the pond

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