Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kids' Stuff in Manila

One of the main activities we look forward to whenever we go back home to Manila is the shopping. Around Christmastime that could mean doing the round of Christmas bazaars as well as going to the malls. We normally try to stock up on clothes, shoes and other essentials for the kids when we're here so we don't shop as often in Singapore where the prices are much, much higher given that the selection is mostly imported brands from Europe or the US.

Here are some of the items we've recently found from bazaars and from other shopping trips here so far:

Pink  backpack (Loopy from Pororo) P400
My daughter saw this and stopped in her tracks, and when her dada asked her what she wanted, she nudged the backpack with her head. This same booth had a Dora backpack as well which we thought she would have preferred, but this is far cuter than Dora. She already named her backpack Paj after a character in one of her Dora books.
(Karl Edwards Bazaar @ The Fort)
Mickey Mouse shirts P150-P175 each, on sale. We've actually been pretty good about not buying clothes this time around because we recently received a huge bag of clothes from a dear, family friend and there's tons of stuff for the kids to wear for the next year. However, we can't resist cute and cheap shirts like this one.
Our stash of Sugarbabies shoes. We found this brand last year and now we've come back for more. They have good designs, are made of good quality and quite affordable at P400 each. Compare that to department store shoes at Singapore which cost the equivalent of P600 to P900.

We normally don't advocate buying humongous stuffed toys for kids. But Lexi gravitated to gigantic Minnie and asked her Nong-nong for this as her combined birthday/Christmas gift. Now we'll have to figure out how to bring gigantic Minnie to Singapore.
 Of course we have to order from Human Nature. We tried the baby lotion, baby wash and the sanitizer sprays last year. We swear by the baby lotion. My then newborn had flaky skin on her forehead which eventually cleared up with continuous use of the baby lotion. The baby wash is okay but not enough to cover up her smell since it's fragrance-free. In our case, our baby didn't have that fresh newborn smell and she can get quite stinky so I'm spending quite a bit on Mustela just so I can take pride when strangers say what a lovely-smelling baby we have. Baby Lotion 200ml P139.75, Sanitizer sprays in juicy burst, citrus burst and tropical burst 50ml P64.75, Cleansing Bar 120gm P59.75, Kids Shampoo and Body Wash in Tangerine Tarsier and Pineapple Pawikan 500ml P289.75.
Shipping charge is flat rate at roughly P50 and I received my order within 2 days.
(Ordered from their website

My daughters got super-excited when they saw their boy cousins' collection of Petron cars and started sneaking them out to play with. And who wouldn't get excited? The cars are quite sleek-looking, heavy, has lights and sounds and with pull-back mechanism. And they come in 5 colors: black, red, white, blue and gray. Their Lolo Boss was a bit surprised that the girls wanted toy cars but he eventually took out 2 cars from his own stockpile and gave a car each to the girls. We're now trying to get the other colors as well and complete our own collection. Petron cars P180 each with every P1000 worth fuel purchase at Petron branches.
More Dora books. Lexi already has about a dozen of these which we read to her at night, and we bought a few more to add to her book collection. Dora books P109.75 each.
(Toys'r'us Greenbelt 5)
Shopping's all done for the kids and we're only midway in our vacation. I think now it's the parents' turn to stockpile on stuff.

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