Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our First Appointment at HDB

It's the last day of 2012 and we completed one last major task - which is to have our first appointment at the Housing Development Board so we can buy a resale flat. Admittedly, we scrambled a bit since we just came back from Manila early morning of the 30th and only remembered we still had paperwork to prepare for our appointment. Our trusty printer was still able to chug out most of the documents needed save for one, but we were able to photocopy outside the HDB anyway. In all, it took just one hour to check through the documents and to schedule our next and final appointment. We're one step closer to having our own home in Singapore.      

Scale models of the HDB Housing Estates in the Lobby Area

A map showing the location of the HDB Housing Estates throughout Singapore 

 More pictures at the Sales Display Area

Queue Ticketing Kiosk

 Our documents and queue number

The waiting area, lots of comfy benches, but hardly any time spent waiting - everything done in an hour

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